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Sunday Salon

I was chatting with my husband about how long it had been since we each had blogged (as one does). I was thinking it had been a month or maybe a month and a half. But come to find out? It’s been longer than two months already. Sigh. I have so many ideas for things I’d like to write about, but as I opened the blog today, to attempt to break the drought, none of them were flowing from the fingers. So we’ll try a more useless kind of unsticking, like so.

I’m reading a book that, I can hardly remember during the day. But once I get back into it each night, I enjoy it (or at least one of the two points of view). I’m about 100 pages in now, but I’m thinking I should maybe abandon it. I know we’ve talked about this before, but what’s your standard for quitting a book? I don’t usually regret the books I don’t finish, but I do sometimes get frustrated that I wasted time on a book I’ve finished. I have a draft about this, untouched for almost a year (honestly).

I want to write about my crafty pursuits (so much you haven’t seen). I want to write about picture books.

In my seemingly never-ending quest for good books for my almost 2-year-old that don’t annoy me, I rediscovered SLJ’s Top 100 Picture Books list, posted it, and started keeping a record of those we’ve read, hoping to make it through all or most of them together. We still have a long ways to go, but that’s OK. How many of them have you read?

Related: Are there any books about Easter (the real thing) that have trains, even in the background? Because the boy is still quite train-obsessed.

I’ve been intending to post a round-up of train books, too. Some are awful, but there are some that are excellent. And some in between, of course.

And then I could share what I’ve been reading. Just because I haven’t blogged doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. If you’re curious, here’s the list of what I’ve read, to tide you over.

Today, I’m sick. We’ve had so much illness in the past month or so that I’m wondering if we’ll ever be healthy again. (And how are you supposed to get better when you can’t sleep, again? I’ve never figured out how that is supposed to work.)

The weather, however, is supposed to be fantastic today. The sun is out and the high is forecast to be in the 70s. After what feels like an interminable (if lacking in snow) winter, this is most welcome.

What’s going on in your world today? Hope your day is sunny!


Weeding the shelves

Word Lily thoughts

I’ve been weeding the shelves again lately, but they’re still overburdened. I’m still weighted down by the wealth of unread tomes. Despite my most recent culling, I’ve still got too many books. (Not possible, you say? Well, space constraints and more importantly my well-being beg to differ.)

My idea, recently, to further lift this weight from my shoulders and shelves, has been to take, say, a month and devote all my reading time therein to either reading or starting and abandoning as many of the books that I don’t think I’ll love as I can.

Given: that I have much more trouble getting rid of books that I haven’t read (all the potential book love!) than I do books that I’ve read.

Potential hazard: Since I have such trouble abandoning books once I’ve started reading them, a month might only get me through a handful of titles (at best).

Potential pitfall: This is, essentially, a plan to spend a given duration of time NOT enjoying my reading, since the goal is to make decisions about the ones I don’t think I’ll love — or at least that there’s potential I’ll hate.

Is this crazy?

Have you ever done something similar or thought about it? Is there a better length of time for such a project, do you think?