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Back to spinning

bluepurple sparkle singles close

Word Lily spinsNext time, if you notice it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my spinning? Bug me. Because, Why, why, why do I go so long without doing something I so love? Spinning this was … blissful. The process brought tears to my eyes, it was so splendid. I do love the yarn, but the experience of spinning, having my hands literally in color, is even more worthwhile to me. I know this, and yet, it had been more than a year since I’d pulled my spinning wheel out of its cubbyhole. Shameful.

This photo is truer, color-wise:
skein of bluepurple sparkle singles

It’s soo fluffy and squishy and soft and cozy! I have no idea what I’m going to make with it yet, I just had to make.

Stats on the yarn: 60.4 grams, 122 yards (pre-bath, so it’ll likely shrink/puff a bit) from a batt I made at Yarn School, the last of those. I don’t remember what all I put in on the carder, but obviously quite a bit of sparkle. I have the details somewhere, but I wanted to post, not hunt for details, this morning.

Do you ever find yourself avoiding things you love?



Today is one of those days where I have so much to tell you and so much to do that I don’t really know how (or where) to start. For now, I’ll give a few bullet points of randomness.

Yarn School is over, and it was a blast. After a last-minute case of nerves leading up to it, I overcame my fears and jumped. I learned a lot and I’ll have pictures to show soon.

• I had a great reading month in March (10 books), but April has been lousy, with only 4 books completed thus far. [In both January and February I completed 7 books.] I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised or saddened — after all, I moved and traveled this month, plus Maisie was sick for a bit [she seems fine now] — but I’m still a bit frustrated by this. Hopefully May will be better.

• I know, I still haven’t posted the winners of my blogiversary giveaway. Fear not, I’ve not forgotten. I’m just slacking or something.

• The post office called and said they *can’t* forward our mail. It’s a somewhat unique situation, but this is still kind of unfathomable to me. Argh.

• The house is still in somewhat of a state of chaos following the move. Not all of our stuff is even here yet, there are large piles of boxes in our small kitchen, and I don’t have room on my bookshelves to organize the books in any way. Most of the yarn/fiber room is still packed, as well.

Yarn School approacheth

My long-anticipated trip to Yarn School is nearly upon me! A week from today, it’ll be underway. I’m tremendously excited to expand my spinning skills and get some hands-on experience with dyeing fiber — not to mention simply some intensive time working in these crafts and hanging out with others who enjoy them!

I’m also kind of nervous (which I usually am before a big unknown). This feeling is exacerbated, I think, by:

  • The fact that I haven’t touched my spinning wheel in months now. I hope to at least finish spinning the 4-ounces currently on my wheel, which is hopefully enough to get me reacquainted with it and spinning generally. I’m a novice, but I don’t want to go in completely unaccustomed to the feel of fiber turning into yarn in my hands.
  • The fact that we moved into our new house less than a week ago, and we still don’t have all of our stuff here, let alone all in its proper place. This certainly makes it harder for me to get my hands on my wheel, to say the least — my spinning wheel is one of those things that’s still at the old place.

I’ll leave you with the most recent photo I can find of that spinning project on the wheel:

I took this photo in early September 2009. I have added quite a bit of bulk to this bobbin since then, but alas.

This is spun from hand-painted wool roving. I haven’t decided yet how want to ply it.

So, making some progress on this (and on getting moved in, and the unending list of projects that crop up after moving) is on tap for this weekend (or at least this coming week). What about you?

Happy Friday!